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The bibliography consists of the primary and secondary sources used in a literature review to answer the question of "What is National Socialism?" Although many historians have given lists and formulas to answer this question, some are incredibly long lists that can be amalgamated by similarity and some lists are overly simplified and therefore not very useful. Hence the need for a literature review to find a formula that answers this question in a more concise way so that it is not too long and complicated and yet not overly simplified either. I believe to have found the perfect formula to identify modern-day Nazis by using the 7 point formula MAUSA³. The seven points are 

1. Meritocracy

2. Authoritarianism (Totalitarian)

3. Ultra-Nationalism

4. Social Darwinism

5. Anti-Marxism

6. Anti-Liberalism

7. Anti-Intellectualism

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